An Infertility Journey

At that appointment we were told to keep trying and come back after it had been a year. I was completely embarrassed and felt dumb for even going to the doctor. I felt broken, hopeless, and disappointed. But we kept trying. We took at home ovulation tests, took more pregnancy tests, and the results always came back the same as before: negative.


How To Take a Non-Awkward Photo

Say cheese! Sometimes when people put up a camera I automatically FREEZE and get super self conscious! Anyone else with me? Why do we do that!? We're completely confident with who we are until someone mentions wanting to document it for our posterity. I'm definitely not the most confident person in front of the camera, …

Bipolar Disorder Snap Shot

Imagine you wake up to your heart pounding for no apparent reason. It continues for hours until it instantly ceases and is replaced by a world of sadness. By dinner, you're exhausted by your own emotions and thoughts but now you feel oddly giddy and full of energy. Welcome to the world of bipolar disorder.