No Longer Faint of Heart

Sometimes when you've been living below your potential for such a long time, you can only dream about someone telling you that you can start over, that the bad stuff never happened. Somehow for me, that recently became my reality.

11 DIY Valentines for all You Procrastinators

I love DIY projects, especially when it comes to gift giving! My mom taught me early on that there is nothing more meaningful than a present that comes straight from the heart. I'm also a holiday fanatic and want each one to become a special day for my family. This year, however, I waited a bit …


Bring it 2017!

If theres one thing I love, it's cute designs. I've taken quite a few graphic design classes and I recently decided that I might as well start making my own home decor. Which is great for you guys, because it helps me think of fun projects to share with you...FOR FREE!