Graduation for me means treats for YOU!

Friends, BIG NEWS!

I officially made it to my college graduation! In just a matter of days I will officially be a BYU graduate. A through-and-through blue. A permanent zoobie. A forever Cougar… ok maybe that’s too far haha.

Grad Announcements2.jpg

Anyway, to celebrate I’m pairing up with my amazing friend Sadie Banks to offer a graduation deal to all those seniors out there! For a limited time Sadie and I are offering a senior photo session and custom graduation announcements for as low as $75!! That entails a 30 minute photo session, AND custom made grad announcements. And my friends, that’s a pretty good deal! Just contact me or Sadie and we will set everything up!

Sadie took my senior pictures and I must say they’re fantastic. She made me feel confident and honestly really pretty! Plus she’s super fun to work with, so I highly recommend her. She also wrote a guest post a couple weeks ago, which was amazing!

I’ve been doing graphic design for awhile now but have been hesitant to sell my work. I’ve taken multiple classes on it, worked as a designer for the university, and make stuff for friends all the time, so I’ve got the talent. I think my insecurities comes from the fact that there’s ALWAYS going to be someone better than me and for some reason I let that scare me. But no longer my friends! I’ve recently started making  stuff independently (mostly wedding invitations) for friends and have got nothing but love in return– thanks for that, by the way you guys!

Here’s a 3-card wedding set I made a few months ago.

Creating makes me happy, and I want to share my happiness and passion with YOU! So, if you want graduation announcements, wedding invites, or something more elaborate please contact me! I’d love to make something awesome with you!

Also for fun, here’s some more of my senior photos of me individually and with my cute friend Caroline. Because they make me feel pretty and hey, we’re graduating after all!


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