How To Take a Non-Awkward Photo

Say cheese!


Sometimes when people put up a camera I automatically FREEZE and get super self conscious! Anyone else with me? Why do we do that!? We’re completely confident with who we are until someone mentions wanting to document it for our posterity.

I’m definitely not the most confident person in front of the camera, but lately I’ve been taking every opportunity to have people snap my picture and get over this fear.In the past three months Payson and I have gotten our photos taken 3 times by our amazing friends who are aspiring photographers. Because we have taken so many photos is such a brief time frame, I think I have finally gotten the whole posing thing down.

Just because I (as well as basically everyone else) have some deep-rooted insecurities about my appearance, does NOT mean that I can’t enjoy documenting my life and having a good time.

So, here are some of my tips that I’ve learned from my own experience and from my amazing photographer friends.


1- Let yourself be natural

Sometimes you need to take a few shots where you just be weird and be YOU. It helps you to loosen up and start enjoying yourself! Plus it’s so much fun to find the silly shots when you look back through your photos.

I swear we take a photo identical to this every time we take pictures. I laugh every time and before I know it I’m actually having fun. 

2- Find your best side

If you’re like me, you’re SUUUUPER self conscious about your body. This is worth another blog post altogether (hint hint, stay tuned for that one), but combating this worry during pictures is all about the angle at which you present your body. So when I take picture with Payson I go through a quick posture check.

  • Stand up straight
  • Position one leg in front of the other, knee slightly bent
  • Keep your head level
  • If there’s someone next to you, tuck your shoulder into their side and turn your head toward your other shoulder
Notice how one leg is in front of the other and my posture is way better than it is in real life.
DSC_0710 (1).JPG
My head is level and shoulder is tucked into Payson, making my body appear smaller.

Having Fun

Once you figure out how to make yourself look good, you need to let yourself enjoy the moment! Whether that’s adding a prop or wearing your favorite outfit, find ways to make yourself happy.

3- Pick a great outfit

I’m completely convinced that clothing directly influences confidence. Fashion isn’t necessarily my strongest suit, but I like knowing that I can be in charge of how I look every day. I think it’s really important to know how to dress for your body. I have a weird cross between a pear and an hourglass shape, so I typically gravitate toward high-waisted pants, longer tops, and fun shoes simply because I love them!


4- Try out some artsy stuff

I love adding props into my photo shoots. It’s fun to take the attention off your face for a minute and create your own environment. Even just a simple thing like a blanket, colorful chair, or a sign can make the largest difference.


5- Enjoy yourself!

The most important thing is to just have a great time! Photos are to help you remember the happiness in life. Make the most of the moment, try your best to look great, and also remember to love yourself. There’s really so such thing as a bad picture because it helps you remember a moment.

Do you have any photo tips? Drop me a comment below because I would LOVE to hear them!



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